100 Days of Code #5

Currently on Day 44!

I’ve spent almost all of my time on coding related to university, but it’s a good thing since I always wanted to develop this habit of coding everyday, I also started a new project!

What I did these days:

  • Studied about Lua language and Parrot Virtual Machine languages (Parrot Assembly and Parrot Intermediate Representation)
  • Started developing a Genetic Algorithm to solve cryptoarithmetic problems like (send + more = money)
  • Worked on my research (also genetic algorithms)
  • Started this project that uses C++ and OpenGL, I will try to build a simple “2D Game Engine”, I want it to be able to render maps with 3 layers: the background, a collectable items layers and the player layer. The input will be a matrix of characters in a text file, more details soon!

What I’m going to do next?

Well, probably continue to working on these topics, I have a game project on Unity to move on and also have to finish my Simon Game (also on Unity).

See you!