3 lessons from Steal Like An Artist worth sharing

I have just finished to read Steal Like An Artist, from Austin Kleon, and I am glad to share some of the points I most enjoyed from his book.

The book is very small and nice to read! Like the book name says the main learning is that the author really incentives we have to steal ideas from the people around the world to create our own ideas. Nothing is original!

This is the main idea from the book, but I would like to share some more 3 points that call me attention:

1 - start: you dont need to be completely ready to come up with an idea and start. Do it! One of the things I liked from the author is the idea about searching on Google everything you want to discover or learn more

2 - share: it is the way to show your side project or hobby to the so big world! To get more opinions and mix with yours. One good point covered by the author is that sometimes we have to pretend you are or know somethigs until it is really true!

3 - subtract: more important than to choose what to do or steal is about to choose what not to do. Important for focus

The funny thing about the book is always that I open and quickly look into it, I always get some another point I didnt catch on the first reading! Good book to visit again at some stage!

Good reading!