Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent. — JIMMY CARTER

Inside the previous article Product Design Consulting: Tools for Stakeholders Persuasion, we have covered several tactics for forming your response as well as some of the most common ways that we can respond to design feedback.

If we combine all of these practices together, we can see how this will form the basis for a standard response to stakeholders that establishes a formula for success.

For UX discussions, I want to suggest you a useful formula to help you make your case to Stakeholders without going back (hopefully)…

He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. — JOSEPH CONRAD

I’ve been on my journey as a Designer for almost 15 years and realize that every single project is different, every client has unique needs. Our objective is to get agreement from them. Our strategy for accomplishing that is to communicate that our design solves a problem, makes it easy for users, and is better than the alternatives.

Whether you are convincing businesses’ stakeholders or are just looking for tips to support your design decisions, below you can…

Este texto é na verdade produto de algumas conversas que já tive com colegas de trabalho sobre o quanto aparecem de pessoas com suas ideias geniais de um novo jogo ou mesmo oferecendo seu roteiro a procura de uma equipe que possa desenvolver sua ideia (como se faltasse), sem conhecimento nenhum sobre desenvolvimento de jogos e o mercado. Vamos a explicação.

Uma nova ideia

Amigo da ideia épica diz:
- “Vamos construir um elevador espacial, pense nisso… será fantástico!”

Há anos atrás, o papel do UI Designer quase não existia na maioria das empresas de jogos. A UI era algo que todos em uma empresa de jogos sabiam que seu jogo precisava, mas poucos pensavam muito até o final do projeto, quando a maioria dos sistemas de jogos era pensado para estar no lugar. Foi raramente visto como uma tarefa especializada com um empregado interno em tempo integral trabalhando como UI Designer. E então, o trabalho costumava ser feito por um artista e um engenheiro na equipe de desenvolvimento, designados para criar a interface do jogo, geralmente sob a…

To build a good game interface, is essential to instruct the user of the available functions in an intuitive way, without the necessity of an instruction manual. The purpose of onboarding experience is tell the users only what they need to know, in few words about your app and be as simple and direct as you can while doing it.

You can also think of onboarding (or walkthrough, or tutorial) as the setup manual for your digital application or website, but with a subtle — yet effective — dose of persuasion.

The onboarding flow is arguably the most important part…

This article/tutorial was written in order to help both designers as developers to automate your work. You will learn in a few steps how to export custom bitmap fonts to use in your game developed on Unity or frameworks that support the same development resource for an app or software.

Guilherme Theodoro

Product Designer @ ThoughtWorks Brasil

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