An inside look at Dailymotion’s organization transformation to reduce dependency and accelerate delivery three years after implementing a Spotify-like model

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Since Vivendi acquired Dailymotion in 2015, we had been relying on a Spotify-like project management model which had served us well, allowing our Tribes to focus on quickly delivering a new product vision. Three years on, our ambitions and constraints had evolved, so we created our own model. Here’s why we made this move and how we now structure our team and work.

The Genesis of our Organization Hacking

After three years of reconstruction and more than 100 talented people recruited, our global priority is now to improve our market competitiveness. For this, we needed to better address the two primary needs of our users and partners: time to market (how to deliver valuable features in a competitive amount of time) and day-to-day (how to ensure we support them with their day-to-day requests when using our products). …

Guillaume Clément

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