Pharaohs Ramses I and Ramses II flying closer to the sun

The travails of two mummies of Pharaohs

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Street seller in the 1870’s, when the passing tourist could legally purchase mummies as souvenirs, likely how one of them found its way to the Niagara Falls museum. Eventually it was discovered it was a Pharaoh, probably Ramses I.

Saving Ramses II

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Ramses II, whose name means “Born from the sun”, wished to keep on living eternally, and was one of the few Pharaohs who actually managed the feat. The mummy started being badly damaged by fungi and bacteria, and if the process wasn’t stopped, all the efforts made to give Ramses eternal life might have been done in vain.

Saving Ramses I

Art Historian author of a book about the destruction of cultural heritage by intolerance and greed, Lost Treasures

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