Last January, I published an article about how we managed to reach $1,000,000 ARR in less than 2 years without any funding.

Everything was going really fine and then COVID happened 🦠 😷

In this article, I will detail exactly what are the things we implemented in order to keep an exponential growth and go from $1m to $2m ARR in 5 months in a time of global crisis and without spending any money on paid channels (#cheapfrenchbastard 🇫🇷🍷🥖)

Before I start sharing with you all the insights from our growth, make sure to hit the follow button so you’re…

Millions of people worldwide have been laid off due to the COVID-19 crisis. Nevertheless, a lot of companies are still hiring and we wanted to help all job seekers out there to find their new dream job. ❤️

Why do you need this guide?

1- Finding a job using the traditional Resume + cover letter will not work in a time of crisis

2- You need the right tools and processes to stand out in order to get interviews on autopilot

In this article, you’ll get the best step-by-step guide explaining how to get tons of interviews and find your…

Bonjour my beloved readers ❤️

In the last few months, I’ve been a bit quiet when it comes to sharing our journey so I thought that nailing the $1,000,000 ARR milestone was a pretty cool opportunity to write an article 🎉

If you’re unfamiliar with traditional SaaS acronyms and metrics, make sure to check out this video ❤️

In my previous article about how we managed to reach $250,000 ARR in one year with lemlist, I detailed all our growth channels, failures and successes and quickly mentioned that we were also managing 2 other SaaS projects (lempod and lemtalk).


365 days after launching lemlist, we finally reached the quarter of a million ARR (annual recurring revenue) milestone.

As a fully bootstrapped startup (with $0 in funding), reaching profitability as quickly as possible has always been our main focus.

Focusing on profit in a world where we often associate the success of a startup to the amount of money they’ve raised, is definitely a different approach yet it can give a different perspective to anyone trying to grow his business without raising funds.

In this article, I wanted to share our journey, without any bullshit and by giving our detailed…

If you’re looking at most products out there, you realize that with time, they become more and more complex as they grow…

That’s a fact.

However, we, at Talkus, have decided to work a bit differently… As a startup, our goal is to experiment as much as we can and be as flexible as possible to find what’s working best for our customers.

After digging into the analytics of the platform we’ve realized that our product was becoming too complex and that the value proposition was not so clear anymore…

Well… let’s face it… Talkus is not and will never…

In this article, I wanted to share all my learnings regarding growing a bootstrapped company.

For those who don’t know what bootstrapping is, it’s the art of growing a company with 0 or very little money — and of course with no outside investors 😈

As a french cheap bastard myself, I guess that I was born to become a bootstrapped entrepreneur 😂

I often see a lot of BS all over the web about how to grow a company, so my goal here is to be real. …

Last week, I went to SaaStr Europa in Paris.

For those who don’t know about SaaStr, it’s THE best event for B2B Software companies.

Since it was the very first time that SaaStr was doing an event in Paris, my beloved hometown, I decided to volunteer to help organize the event so Paris could give the best welcome possible 🇫🇷 🥖

Well ok, I’m not being entirely honest here. As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with limited resources, being part of the volunteers actually allowed me to be part of the event without having to pay the entrance fee. #CheapFrenchBastard 😂

I know that you may have seen a lot of articles about the perfect way to launch on Product Hunt and how you need to prepare months in advance for the perfect launch….

However, in this blog post, I wanted to share our story at lemlist and how we managed to end up #1 Product of the Day with only half a day to “prepare” the launch.

I know what you’re thinking… This f**** french is bragging about being #1 Product of the Day without even preparing his launch!

Well… it is a bit true… Saying that we’re not…

Finding the right technical co-founder can really be a pain in the a**…

Why that?

Well, let’s face it! The demand for programmers is extremely high while the supply is really low…

So what’s the big picture like?

Good programmers are so rare, that they are considered as gods…

Decent programmers are the prominent majority and they receive probably as much job offers as good programmers.

Bad programmers are unfortunately more present than good programmers… But due to a high demand they tend to also find jobs quite easily.

So now you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going…

Sending a cold sales email to bunch of prospective customers can take forever if you do it manually. Nowadays, you can automate everything. Hell, my toaster is automated. So, why not cold emails? We’re going to show you how to automate you emails so you’ll be able to spend more time closing deals and less time typing out identical emails over and over again.

Manual sales emails are dead

The era of manually sending sales emails to a list of prospects is over (thank god).
With automation, it’s now possible to send personalized emails (using dynamic first name, dynamic personalization sentence, company name, etc. tags)…

Guillaume Moubeche

Co-founder @ (got acquired after 18 months)

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