Finding a job during the COVID-19 crisis (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Step-by-Step video tutorial

Finding companies that are still hiring

1- Candor

Candor Website
Example on how to use the Google Sheet

Pros & cons of using Candor

  • list a lot of companies that are currently hiring
  • it’s updated regularly
  • gives a status for each company (hiring VS hiring freeze)
  • it’s not always 100% accurate as of the list 100% user-generated
  • non-exhaustive list

2- Indeed

Searching for the right position and in the right location
Filtering only the latest job offers in order to only apply to open positions

Pros & cons of using Indeed

  • known worldwide
  • advanced filtering options
  • not always accurate for “older” job offers as people might have frozen hiring

3- LinkedIn

Finding all the persons who are currently hiring
Filtering people who are hiring based on the location and industry

Pros & cons LinkedIn

  • known worldwide
  • advanced filtering options
  • you can easily find contacts (cf next steps)
  • you’re not 100% sure if these companies froze hiring

Find decision-makers and their email address

Step 1: Go to Zoom’s company page on LinkedIn

Going to a LinkedIn company page

Step 2: Click on the employees' section to find the right decision-maker

Accessing the list of all employees in a company

Step 3: Go to “All filters” and choose location and position (in our case “San Francisco” and “Sales”)

Advanced filters to find the right person to get in touch with
Finding the right person to get in touch with thanks to filtering

Step 4: Go to the profile of a decision-maker and use coldCRM to find his/her email address

Finding anyone’s email address with coldCRM
Example of a Google Sheet with all the columns you need for the perfect job application campaign
Exporting a Google Sheet in csv

Sending cold emails to find a job using lemlist

1- Loom

The loom website
Select “Cam only” from the settings
Video example for a job application as a sales rep for a software company

2- Calendly

The calendly website

3- lemlist

The beautiful lemlist website 😍
Ena rocks

Step 1: Simply click on “Create a new campaign”

Starting a campaign from the home page

Step 2: Go to Buddies-to-be section and import your list

Selecting the csv import option
  • company name
  • first name of the decision-maker
  • email of the decision-maker
  • personalization sentence
Matching columns with the right variable during import

Step 3: Use the template with the video

Example of an email template with dynamic custom fields and dynamic image

Step 4: Set up your dynamic landing page

Example of dynamic landing page with video

Step 5: Schedule your campaign

Setting up your schedule

Step 6: Review emails and send your campaign

Review stage

To recap, here’s what we’ve seen in this article:

So, what can YOU do to help?




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Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

Co-founder @ (got acquired after 18 months)

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