Defining sub-resources for your RESTful API

Defining your sub-resources: map your endpoint URLs

  • GET /tickets/123/comments: get all comments for ticket #123
  • GET /tickets/123/comments/2: get comment #2 for ticket #123
  • POST /tickets/123/comments: create a new comment for ticket #123
  • PUT /tickets/123/comments/2: update comment #2 for ticket #123
  • DELETE /tickets/123/comments/2: delete comment #2 for ticket #123

Implementing your resource relations: relations in the NoSQL world

id: "123456",
subject: "Message 1",
message: "This is my first message",
author: {
id: "123",
name: "Guillaume Viguier"




Développeur web et passionné de finances personnelles

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Guillaume Viguier-Just

Guillaume Viguier-Just

Développeur web et passionné de finances personnelles

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