Drupdate becomes a Github Application

A few months ago, I was launching Drupdate to allow you to keep your Drupal sites up to date semi-automatically. The service was running on a simple Drupal site, which was in charge of calling a script every 24 hours, clone the content of your repository, update any module and create a Pull Request out of it. It was a good start, but a bit cumbersome for some users to install.

I therefore looked for better ways of doing this, and created a Github application, which makes it now very easy to install Drupdate on your code repository, assuming it is hosted on Github. The application also comes with a few neat, new features, such as:

  • One Pull Request per module, making it easier to deal with sites which need LOTS of updates
  • No more duplicate pull requests: before, if Drupdate made a Pull Request on day 1 with, say, 1 module update, and you didn’t merge this Pull Request, Drupdate would do the same PR on day 2 until the Pull Request was merged. This is now gone, if a PR has been made, it won’t be recreated, which allows you to merge software updates whenever you want to.
  • No more forks: before, Drupdate was forking your project in another github repository, and using this fork as a base to provide a Pull Request. Since Drupdate is now a Github application, it can directly work on your repository.
  • Cleaner commit messages: commit messages have been cleaned and are much easier to understand

One remaining issue however, is that the github app is not compatible with Drupal 8 projects, but I’m working hard on fixing this.

Give it a try, and never miss Drupal updates again.

Originally published at https://www.gvj-web.com on January 19, 2018.

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