Paging, sorting, filtering and retrieving specific fields in your RESTful API

Paging your results: use limit & offset query parameters, return x-total-count header

  1. Return the total number of results via an X-Total-Count header
  2. If you want to provide links to previous and next pages, you can use the Link HTTP header
  3. In your implementation, set a maximum limit, such as 1000, to avoid server issues

Sorting your results: use sort query parameter

Filtering your results: use query parameters

Searching your results: use a q query parameter

Retrieving specific fields: use a fields query parameter

Advanced filtering: use LHS brackets

  1. Using LHS brackets with an operator: price[lte]=200 status[ne]=past
  2. Using RHS colon with an operator: price=lte:200 status=ne:past
  3. Using Lucene syntax or ElasticSearch Simple Query strings directly: q=price:<200 q=-status:past
  • Easy to use for your users
  • Relatively simple to parse server side
  • Relatively intuitive
  • Easy to parse server side
  • Easy to use for your users
  • No possibility to do an OR for combined filters
  • Less intuitive than LHS brackets
  • The most flexible of all
  • Almost no parsing required server-side (can be handed over directly to ElasticSearch for example)
  • Steep learning curve for your users
  • Requires URL percent encoding (makes it harder to use from curl or postman)




Développeur web et passionné de finances personnelles

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Guillaume Viguier-Just

Guillaume Viguier-Just

Développeur web et passionné de finances personnelles

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