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We all know first impressions are important. And even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, we’re all guilty of doing that every once in awhile. That’s why it’s really important for businesses, big and small, to have an excellent online presence that showcases their unique brand.

At Shopify, there are over 50 themes for merchants to choose from when getting started with an online store. These themes strive to meet the needs of a wide range of merchants, who sell anything from temporary tattoos to South African biltong.

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It was around 2010 and I was asking for feedback from colleagues on my web design. The response was positive, they thought the site looked great, apart from one tiny detail… the mobile phone icon I’d designed, especially it’s little antenna, was problematic.

No one has an antenna on their phone anymore.

I was aware of this questionable design decision. And even back then, it would never had occurred to me to draw the icon with it’s twisted antenna, formerly seen as a symbol of modernity and all things high-tech (remember?). So why would the smaller (and less old) version…

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Photos : Cindy Boyce

Let’s be honest: for some designers currently working in agencies, transitioning to a product company is often considered a way to access more accommodating working conditions at the expense of a less challenging job .

I had this misconception for a long time. I always liked the frenetic pace of diversified projects, the adrenaline rush before a client pitch, and the effervescent lifestyle. But I decided to take the plunge anyway.

There’s a whole world on the other side of the mirror

Now that I’ve worked at Shopify for four months, I realize that my ignorance almost cost me a…

Guillaume Granger

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