Mentoring an Entrepreneur? Why?

Each and everyone one of you matter and can make a difference. The Mentors’ Lab was created for both entrepreneurs and you, as a mentor.

As an entrepreneur, I have faced a lot of challenges when launching my different businesses. Lack of experience, lack of expertise in different fields, lack of many things in the end. I knew very well my products and services, but I had no experience to market or sell them. I had to solve legal issues but had no knowledge in this field. I had results to obtain, but no strategy to achieve these results…

And on top of it, no money to pay experts for each of these issues.

So I had to become my own coach, my own finance adviser, my own marketing and communication manager, my own everything.

After a couple of years on my own, I decided to look for experts in their fields, mentors to help me structure and develop my business.

And luckily, I had people in my network who accepted to advise me, coach me and mentor me.

Every entrepreneurs in the world is facing the same issues at some point. We need guidance, experience sharing, mentoring.

But not all of us have the resources or a network for it.

Who else more than entrepreneurs deserve to be helped? They face challenges that most of us are not willing or ready to take. They have stepped out of their comfort zone and concentrate everything — mind, spirit, resources and guts toward the unique goal of providing the best for their clients!

The goal of the Mentors’ Lab is to help entrepreneurs everywhere on the planet by connecting them to Mentors.

Who are these Mentors? They can be each one of you! Each one of you have an expertise, a characteristic that could help an entrepreneur.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should take the same risk, quit everything and become an entrepreneur!

But I trust that by giving just two hours of mentorship for an entrepreneur, you can become a huge asset!

I also trust that being part of someone’s’ success makes us happy and proud!

And you have much to gain by helping others. It can’t be counted in coins or banknotes, but it is an immensely valuable experience! This is a chance for you to discover a new environment, apply and give value to your expertise in a new way or develop new skills.

You will raise your visibility, as your skills will be recommended by entrepreneurs all around the world. Especially for job seekers, this can be a way to show that you are being active, and that you can maintain or develop new skills even when facing hard times.

This mentoring experience can be highlighted in your professional network or your Curriculum.

So here is the action plan:

If you are an entrepreneur and are facing the challenges I mentioned above, then join the Mentors’ Lab.

If you want to make a difference, help entrepreneurs and become a Mentor, then join the Mentors’ Lab.

Together, we can create a difference in the life of hundreds of people everywhere. Let’s shape a new way of collaborating for Entrepreneurs and Mentors!
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