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Custom made mug featuring Chris Albon’s Machine Learning Flash Cards

I have been working at iZettle for about four years now. I did not start my journey at this company as a Machine Learning Engineer, but rather transitioned to it as I was growing within the company.

My formal education is Computer Science/Software Engineering, and in fact I have been working as a software developer for about 8 years. All these years as a software engineer have given me some skills that have made my path towards ML Engineering rather particular. …

May 28, 2018

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Disclaimer: This blog post is heavily inspired by 3Blue1Brown’s video here. Please check it out! It is a really amazing and educational channel

Disclaimer 2: This is intentionally a very simplistic explanation of what a Neural Network is. The intention of this blog post is to shade some light on the concept of Neural Network only, not to provide technical details on how to implement one

Hidden layers, linear algebra, calculus, feedforward, backpropagation… the first time you read about Neural Networks, the amount of terms and math most articles and books spit out can be overwhelming . …

March 06, 2018

A few weeks ago I started seriously studying Machine Learning (ML). I have taken some courses and read some books before, but now I am taking a step ahead. I do plan to start working on ML projects and really get into the field.

To me, the only way to make sure you understand something, is the fact that you are able to explain it to others. Because of this, I decided to write a Machine Learning 101 blog post, in which I explain some (very) basic ML concepts. The idea is to write something I can reference in future, more project-based blog posts. …

When I am doing research on a company I want to work at, one of the things I look for is their approach towards employee motivation and training/education. For me, it is more important to have a proper educational plan than a slight increase on my base salary.

Many companies, iZettle included, approach this by offering certain budget for conferences and workshops, as well as internal courses and hack days. A hack day is a day in which you can work on whatever project you want. …

December 15, 2016

The standard logging library seems to be a confusing part in the Python programming language. In my case, my application was growing into several modules, sharing loggers, creating new ones, etc. I was getting weird behaviors like repeated log records or missing ones. I didn’t really understand why until I dug into the (rather long) documentation.

This post pretends to be an overview on how Python logging works. For full details, you have plenty of documentation available.

Main concepts

There are 4 main concepts in Python logging:

  1. Loggers expose the interface that application code directly uses
  2. Handlers send the log records (created by loggers) to the appropriate…


Guillermo Carrasco

ML Engineer at iZettle, PayPal

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