Emotional Intelligence

Being able to not overreact and correctly interpret the messages that other people send us on a daily basis is a vital aspect of communication, and the professional world is not the exception. It is fairly common for people to take sarcasm as an insult, but that may not necessarily be the sender’s intention. That is why it is important to keep in mind that everything that other people tell us should be taken with a grain of salt.

We should also keep in mind that, depending on an individual’s cultural background, the sense of humor might be very different from that of Americans’. Therefore, it is important to be culturally aware and open-minded, and never take people’s comments too seriously. In the case of Latin America, people are used to interact on a daily basis with others by talking with a lot of sarcasm, even in the professional world, although in the latter case it will depend on the level of trust that co-workers have between them.

Finally, I consider that it is vital for people to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people from other cultures to better understand how they see the world and how that view differs from that of Americans.