great story and thanks for sharing the numbers!
Dc Collier

Hey Dc, thanks for your comment. Pretty much all my traffic comes from the Slack App Directory. I haven’t been featured or hit their front page so I think is just people searching for a to-do app (?).

I really like your idea to ask the user for feedback after they interact with the command a few times, I will look into this. When someone use the command to send me feedback I can only see from them their user_id and as my app is only a slash command I dont have the ability to DM them back. I was thinking of improving the help text saying something like “add your email so I can get back to you” and that way I can initiate a conversation.

My idea in the next few weeks is just see how the new version is going, analyse engagement and improve the current functionality. People sometimes make typos when they write and it can be annoying so I will work on make the app smarter as well.