First World Philosophy: Volunteering

First World Philosophy: December 2014- I went to Berlin with my friends for New Years, I remember that someone told me that after the world war, Berlin was living in darkness and ruins so every citizen decided to volunteer to clean their city. On their way to school or work they had to pick up a rock from the street and throw it in the dumpster. People cleaned their own city. Volunteering get people together. 
I started to volunteer when I was 9 years old, went to catholic schools so every season I “had to” choose an oportunity to volunteer and help people, I remember it felt really good. When I turned 14 I had more opportunities to serve with my friends of the Mormon community, building houses, painting streets, helping seniors and more. When I turned 18 I decided to volunteer abroad for two years, living all my life back home and start a new one. When I came back I had the chance to volunteer in different programs like EFY. When you grow up and go to University you lead your life to a professional way. I found ways to volunteer in institutions, festivals and programs that gave me knowledge and experiences. Sometimes you feel like you are giving more than what you recieve. I’ve learned so much from my parents, they volunteer every month and I can see how life gives them back joy, happiness, energy, love, knowledge and good vibes.