Why Everyone On Earth Should Be Loudly Opinionated About US Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

Excellent observations.

I too write from a broad although I am a dual Colombian United States national. I find being outside of the United States where I work with foreign academics and journalists regularly but connected daily to both US mainstream media and counter media as well as through connections with the thousands of people in the United States with whom I interact regularly (e.g., former Citadel, St. John’s University, New York University and University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies classmates, a half century of professional and academic contacts, etc.) gives me a much broader perspective that one has when one is stuck in the middle of the American informational wilderness.

Even more, as Caitlin points, a country that claims the right to lead the world is responsible to the world for its actions. Indeed, if democracy where relevant, then everyone impacted by American rue needs to have at least a voice, if not a vote. Attempts to silence people very directly affected smacks of fascist imperialism.

I see that Caitlin is now a major focus of attacks from the faux liberal center right (e.g., Clinton Obama Democrats). Take heart. That means she is seen as a threat by groups that deserve to feel threatened politically.