What does Ra ma da sa sa say so hung mean?

These sounds invoke the energies of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing.

It can be sung to heal yourself or send healing to anyone who needs it.

Ra: means Sun and connects us with the frequency that gives energy.

Ma: means Moon, and it makes us more receptive.

Da: is the energy of the Earth, energy that roots us with the Mother, gives us security and strength.

Sa: it is Infinite and as you sing it your energy rises bringing the healing energy of the Universe.

When you sing Sa for the second time, you bring the energy of infinity to you.

Say: it is a way to honor the whole. It’s like God’s secret name.

So: it is the vibration that unites.

Hung: it’s Infinity. It is the essence of creation.

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yermoo community looking for dreamers !!!

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