Visited but not ridden there. How would you rate it?
Jan Chipchase

About ten or fifteen years ago, people started to realize that there was no way to keep adding cars to the city, so there have been a wide increase in the number of individuals who prefer to ride a bike rather than to drive a car to move around. Since then, Mexico City has been turned into a more bike-friendly place, you know, signals, infrastructure and stuff.

Despite of that, it still has a lot of issues on the matter. Car drivers are not aware of cyclists and even disrespect them most of the times. Also, even though not all of them, many streets are shit (a few months ago I fell into a hole on the ground and broke myself a clavicle).

That’s why I think that most of the people who commute on their bikes are in a love-hate relationship with the city. I would rate it 6/10 because we have a lot to improve it yet :(

I hope you can ride in here someday and rate it by yourself!

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