How Udemy Is Profiting From Piracy
Rob Conery

I might have a different observation here than everybody else. What if Udemy would just create those fakes account and upload themselves these courses for monetary gain?

I mean, think about it, they would just create a fake account with a picture from someone that cannot be identified (bad cropping, blur picture, wearing sunglasses…) AND upload the course, make the $$. Once the real owner realize it, he files a Copyright claim to Udemy, they take 24/48 hours to respond, close the fake account and remove the copyrighted materials. However, Udemy would have already profited from it.

The reason for me I tend to have this observation is because, the process to be a teacher on Udemy is so tideous (create account, fill out all required info, send over video demo, manually create the course tree hierarchy titles and descriptions…). If it’s true that it was free, why would the person do all this when he could just upload on YouTube.

Also, using copyrighted materials from the “average joe” is less scary than big corporations. Avergae Joe’s of this world don’t have the proper monetary support to go after companies by themselves…

That was my 2 cents :D But for this amount of writing, it’s almost a dime :D

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