The reality of me is that when you have a conversation with me, you are always having a three-way. It’s you, me and my anxiety. And she is the worst.

I spend an incredible amount of mental energy filtering through the parts of a conversation in my head. I take…

Talking about your mental health issues is hard. It’s hard because it’s scary, it’s hard because so many people don’t understand, and it’s hard because talking about it involves people. And people are complicated.

So when, six months ago, my best friend and I tried talking about how my anxiety…

Broken Is The New Black

I’m broken.

I’ve been broken for as long as I can remember. I don’t know exactly when I realized that the things that happen in my brain were different than everyone else’s, but I have no conscious memories of not knowing my brain was broken.

Guilty Squid

The Geek Whisperer. I code, I caffeine, I repeat.

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