Suggest Me Movies- 1

Beginning this month, I’ll bring to you recommendations of 5 movies-once in every 15 days-that I watched and loved. 
The movies aren’t restricted to any kind of language or genre.

Here’s January’s 1st Edition:

1. Monsoon Wedding (Director: Mira Nair) Language: English|Hindi

“ A stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten event planner, and relatives from around the world create much ado about the preparations for an arranged marriage in India”

★ ★ ★ 1/2
“Monsoon Wedding was a movie way ahead of its time and therefore went under-appreciated by the Indian masses. Although, by the look of it, Mira Nair catered the Indian culture, along with its delights and evils, to the foreign audience extremely honestly. Watch this for the phenomenal performances of Naseeruddin Shah and Vijay Raaz, made even better by the delightful direction and brilliant screenplay. ”

2. Oldboy (Director: Park Chan-wook) Language: Korean

“ After being kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in five days.”

“One of the most gripping movies I have ever seen. The good thing about Korean Cinema is that it is never pretentious. Oldboy is another evidence to that. It follows a steady pace and will keep you rooted till the very end.”

3. Incendies (Director: Denis Villeneuve) Language: French | Arabic | English

“Twins journey to the Middle East to discover their family history, and fulfill their mother’s last wishes.”

“Tragic, Devastating, Wonderful- words you’ll be left with once you finish watching this masterpiece. Bear with the slow-pace of the film and it will do the rest of the magic. One of the best dramas on the middle-east conflicts. Pretty sad that it didn’t grab an Oscar. ”

4. Requiem for a Dream (Director: Darren Aronofsky) Language: English

“The drug-induced utopias of four Coney Island people are shattered when their addictions run deep.”

“RFAD is disturbing, dark and brutal. It may cause an uneasy stomach but that shouldn’t stop you from watching one of the greatest movies on drug addiction. The film is visually stunning and the music score is amazing. Add to that, the breathtaking performances of the cast, this movie will stay with you for long.”

5. Manhattan (Director: Woody Allen) Language: English

“ The life of a divorced television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friend’s mistress.”

My say:

“I had loved Annie Hall and it continues to be one of my favourite movies but it was Manhattan, in real, which got me hooked to Woody. The good thing about Woody is that while his acting may look alike in most of his movies, he writes his characters so well that you remember each of them distinctly. Manhattan is disguised as a romantic-comedy but it has every kind of humour there can ever be. Watch and fall in love.”