I didn’t write today

I’ve been sad for while now. I don’t know if I’m depressed, I think depression should feel worse than this so that strikes depression out. I keep wondering if this is all I’m going to be.

I’m barely hanging on; I’m this close to losing it.

I want to go to the bar and drink my life out, but guess what alcohol cost money and that’s money I don’t even have. I can’t even drown my sorrows in alcohol, totally sad!

I feel like no one understands, the pressure and struggle. So I do the only thing I can afford.

They’re all staring at me, it’s our usual Monday meeting, I have to listen to them talk first, then give a speech that motivates them to believe in the company and work from their hearts. I’m standing in front of twenty five dedicated staff, my staff, my company. How did I get here? When did this all happen?

It hasn’t happened yet, but it will because I’m not too broke to dream. I’ll keep dreaming and trying until it happens eventually.

I didn’t write today, I just penned down some of my thoughts.

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