I don’t even know what it means to be half tipsy but I feel like that’s where I’m at. I’m just gonna write and post. I’ll read it tomorrow look at the errors and shrug.

I’m supposed to be happy, alcohol is supposed to take the pain away. Sucks though. I’m so deep in pain that alcohol doesn’t even do the trick anymore.

I’m glad I haven’t lost my ability to sleep. Let me break it down for you I love food, sleep and alcohol. I still eat a lot despite all that’s going on. It’ll be a disaster to find out I’ve only maintained my appetite because I’m pregnant mostly because it’ll be for my ex and that’s not even a conversation worth having or writing about anymore.

I just lost my job, my account is reads minus duty sIx ( I don’t even know how that happened). My sister almost died; this really hit me. I’m still dazed. She was unconscious for a little over two hours, no pulse, cold. How she came back to life is nothing short of a miracle. I still don’t know how to really feel.

All I can say is watch out for the ones who are the life of the party, smile the most and play the most. Perhaps the hold in the most pain.

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