Sunny Sunday !

It is Sunday morning, I am sitting in a sunny park watching my kids play while I write this post.

I just finished up week 4 at bitmaker, a few more days and we will be at the half way point. That feels like a big deal, I can’t actually believe that this experience is going to be over before too much time has passed. I have really settled into a nice routine, get up, go in early and wok on personal code projects, classes etc all day, derby or the gym in the evening, then bed. Rinse and repeat. (serious on that rinse part, don’t forget to shower!) I think that I will be really happy making this my career.

We started group work on Thursday and Friday, and despite being told a bunch of times that pair programing was where it was at I had to experience it to believe it. We ended up working as a group of 4, and blasted through more code with fewer error’s than I thought was possible. We are defiantly smarter then I ;)

I started my first personal web app last night. I mentioned it in one of my earlier posts, I am going to create an app for tracking dues for my derby team. I built up the models and the controllers, and set up the associations, almost all from memory. (I had to check in on pluralization at one point, but went to the rails docs and not my notes!). I know this sort of project is NBD to a more experienced developer, but for me, it is pretty exciting. I enjoy the process, I am making something useful, and at the end I will have something else in my portfolio!

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