Wednesday April 13th !!

As I expected, updates to this blog are getting further and further apart as we dive deeper into the course materials. I think as of end of day today we will be a full week into RAILs !! I am really starting to grok the rails MVC set up, and have been pushing myself to add extra features to our most recent project (Rainforest — an amazon style clone). Todays list of goals are

  1. to make comments on products only editable by the user that left them
  2. to move comment display from the main list of items over to the individual item page
  3. to run through the sass tutorial that we were given as a stretch goal… I havn’t put enough effort into pushing my css skills, so I need to make sure I get on this.
  4. go back and begin refactoring rainforest to see if I can make the code more elegant
  5. build another RESTful routes RAILs app from memory
  6. Get past another level in Ruby Warrior (this is bonus if I get everything else done, but I want to keep developing my ruby skills)

I think the most exciting thing (for me) so far this week, code speaking, happened yesterday afternoon when I was implementing comment editing. I was able to work from the routing table, and trace through the MVC process to see where I needed to add things. It worked so smoothly, and I was so happy when I realized I could use the same view to edit as I could to create a new comment, and that the only difference was in whether I sent it a review instance with an ID or not. This may not seem like a big deal to a seasoned rails developer, and maybe I will laugh at myself when I look back on this in the future, but right now, uncovering this sort of thing has really got me jazzed for this framework

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