Chauvinism and Life

Chauvinism express the belligerent belief in a superior nation. Exaggerated patriotism.

The term was shaped and it is commonly used to describe a group that follows their beliefs blindly. Don’t question or consider arguments going against their assumptions.

I come from a male chauvinist society. Brazil presents a different picture to the world. No racism, gender equality, controlled poverty, increasing education.

We raise weak men in Brazil. Educated or illiterate. Our dogmas are the result of religion perversion and capitalist propaganda.

They shape the men we became.

Perverts, rapists, racists, superfluous, obsessed, malevolent, obscene. Deeply corrupted.

We blame women for being raped. Clap for thieves in power. Support abuse of authority because you have nothing to hide. Stab first and steal after. Touch women in the bus. Fool seniors for their pensions.

We get together with our friends. We ride our black car. We grab sixteen-years old girls. We rape them into the closest bushes. We don’t stop when they ask desperately. We put things inside of her. We see that she likes it. We get back home. We drink our beers.

I had the chance to get in touch with open-minded people in Europe. I experienced the result of people raised with love and education.

January 1976. Sherwyn M. Woods article claim that challenging chauvinist attitudes often results in anxiety or other symptoms.

She is right. We are a collection of beliefs. Confront them is to confront your illusion of self. Brings you physical pain.

I feel pain. I feel ashamed of myself.

Chauvinist behaviour is frequently not investigated in psychotherapy because it is ego-syntonic, parallels cultural attitudes, and because therapists often share similar bias or neurotic conflict.

This is the magnum opus of erratic human behaviour. It is a disease.

It destroys your perception of the world.

It hurts you when you fight against.

It is transmitted generation after generation.

You feel pleasure when you copulate or interact with other infected ones.

Why we fight then? Embrace the ignorance. It feels so good to have our beliefs reassured by the stupid minds that surround us.


Just because.