We are hundreds coming to Ubud to find solace, growth, and continue our life journey. What’s in it for you?

We created this guide so that you can find everything you need before and during your stay — and making this the best time of your life.

This guide has three parts

  1. Our Google Map that you can use to find all relevant places in your phone.
  2. Our location guide with the best restaurants and places to go to.
  3. Our knowledge base with all you need to settle down.

It’s time for you to enjoy the magic!

Part I : Save the Google Maps on your phone

We created a map with all the relevant places about your stay (which are listed in more details below). Click here to have the map on your phone and navigate between the best restaurants, places, and magical Ubud spots.

So if you haven’t done it yet 👉 get all places on your phone here

Part II : Ubud in Detail

Get inspiration from the restaurants and places below to enhance your Ubud experience.


Ubud is famous for its healthy food options, including vegan and raw food.

Zest : a vegan and raw food revolution in relaxing atmosphere
Clear Cafe : home of raw and world food
Pacha Mama : amazing for seafood
Monsieur Spoon : one of the best French croissants you’ll ever have
Sayuri : truly healing food in a relaxed atmosphere
Alchemy : famous for its raw and green salads
Paradiso : the world’s first vegan cinema
Soma : relaxing atmosphere over delicious vegan food and instruments to play with
Moksa : plant-based restaurant on rice field with creative vegan high end food
Sage : enjoy the jackfruit tacos (#tacorgasm)
Jungle Fish : famous for its pool and mountainous location
KAFE : Known for its vegan and organic food

And some of our favorite local places:

WBC Warung : the best avocado juice and local sausages out there
Melting Wok Warung : famous for its curry
Ibu Rai : traditional food in candle light dining

The Jungle Fish restaurant with its stunning surroundings.


Ubud is all about yoga. You’ll be in heaven.

Yoga Barn : most famous location with in-depth classes and teaches
Radiantly Alive : organiser of short and long-term trainings and retreats around Yoga
Taksu Yoga : combining Balinese spirit with international knowledge
Ubud Yoga House : get your yoga classes in between rice fields


While working out isn’t what most people come here for, you still can!

Titi Batu : most sophisticated gym in Ubud (located south)
Ubud Fitness Center : another great gym (located north)
Kadek’s Gym Bali : a local gym close by our coliving space

The Yoga Barn, home of yoga and ecstatic dance in Ubud.


Hubud : the first and most know coworking space — find an amazing community of location independent people here!

Outpost : a great and big coworking space similar to Hubud with many events happening.

Evolve Coliving : an amazing community and coliving space around personal development (yes, we created this guide)

Hustlers Villa : a coliving space dedicated to professional growth and getting shit done — they also have their own café!

Roam Coliving : very well known coliving space for higher-end living in Ubud

The Evolve Coliving space with its pool in between rice fields and jungle.


Check out some of the great experiences below and make your stay memorable.

  1. Attend a sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi.
  2. Meditate and get your yoga classes at the Yoga Barn.
  3. Walk on the path of the Campuhan Ridge Walk.
  4. Ecstatic dance on Friday 7pm and Sunday 11am at the Yoga Barn (make sure to be there 3h before to get your ticket — it’s really good).
  5. Attend a contact dance at Paradiso at 11am on Saturday or at Karma House at 6.45pm on Tuesday.
  6. Hang out with the monkeys in the Monkey Forest — pay attention, they steel everything!
  7. Try the Luwak coffee, the world’s most expensive coffee made out of the digestion of the Asian palm civet, a very cute wild animal.
  8. Meditate at the Ukur-Goa Garba temple (800m away), Bali’s oldest Hindu temple.
  9. Get a water cleanse reset at the Tirta Empul temple in Tampak Siring and clean your bad spirits.
  10. Explore the Goa Rang Reng waterfalls, where priests are taught to channel energy.
  11. Attend an ecstatic dance and cacao ceremony at Akasha during the SuperMoon parties.
  12. Attend Akasha’s Friday open mic night.
  13. Enjoy the Bali Swing in front of the Tegalalang rice terraces.
  14. Explore the Tangkup Waterfall and its magnificent local paradise garden.
  15. Get a massage at Sundih Family Spa and experience true Indonesian massage techniques.


  1. Going to the Uluwatu temple for the traditional Kecak Dance with sunset view.
  2. Having ceremonies at the Gili Islands and riding horses on abandoned beaches.
  3. Explore the digital nomad and high-vibe restaurant scene in Canggu.
  4. Going hardcore partying in Kuta.
  5. Swim with dolphins in Amed.
  6. Attend a permaculture class or learn about Bamboo structures at the Green School Bali.
The famous Tegalalang rice terraces with stunning view.

Part III : The Practical Guide to Ubud


Use the Grab App (does not always work outside of Ubud).


Use the Go-Jek app to hire scooter drivers for about $.25-$1 US (depending on how far you want to go).


The cost of a normal scooter is around $7/day and $39/month.
Upgrading to a heavier NMax scooter is around $80/month.

Click here to get a few WhatsApp numbers of cheap and reliable scooter rentals.


The local Amazon is Tokopedia.com. Amazon does not work in Indonesia.


Most people can enter Bali with a free 30-day visa.

If you want to stay for 60 days, you can

  1. Apply for free at the Indonesian embassy of your country of residency (free)
  2. Or buy a Visa on Arrival at the airport ($39). With that visa, you will then hire an agent to bring it to the immigration office (maximum 23 days after arrival) with another $45 cost.


In order to work in Indonesia, you need to apply for a Kitas, the local work permit. Moreover, it is forbidden to host any paid events without that visa.


Get a SIM card from the provider Simpati with 7.5 GB internet data for around $10.


Apart of housing, you will have food costs (around $3 — $5 / meal), gas ($3 for full tank) and laundry costs ($2 for 5kg). Basically, you won’t have many costs at all ;)


Bali is arranged by Banjars, local communities. The head of the Banjar is the local chief and runs the district. In each Banjar, the Pechalan are the security for the village — they are the ones who know everything that happens.

Ubud comes originally from Abud, which literally means “medicine”. This is the town to heal yourself!


Hubud’s Ultimate Bali Guide : restaurants, gym, events, local infos and way more — it’s amazing!

The Bali Bible : get inspiration and book trips in Bali

Main Facts About Bali : official government sheet with a lot of statistical information

We hope you enjoyed this guide!

If you want to meet in person, come at say hi at our coliving space or attend one of our events :)

With love,

The Evolve Coliving Crew

Gui Perdrix | ColivingDiaries

Written by

Exploring the depth and future of coliving at www.colivingdiaries.com

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