I found out very early on you cannot criminalize the expression of ideas in America no matter how…
Eugene Solot

Thank you for taking the time to write that response Eugene, I enjoyed reading it and concur with everything you say. But I think you misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that we criminalize the expression of ideas. Instead, I am suggesting that we criminalize extremists following the successful British and Spanish models, where we go after those who use hyperbole to emotionally manipulate others into anger, to the point that it begins to damage civil society and our democratic institutions.

Nobody in either of those countries is talking about criminalizing the expression of ideas, instead, they focus on those extremist elements who incite others to violence, who gleefully attack our elected politicians and democratic institutions, who push the kind of dangerous hyperbole that spreads divisiveness and causes families and friends to argue.

Civil society is more important that the rights of these extremists and civil society will move to protect itself, no matter what its leanings.

In the process we protect freedom of expression for the many.

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