there was an implicit assumption that everyone on my team was naturally, creative, resourceful and whole (a term I love from the Co-Active Coaching Model).
LeadWise Academy Week #1 Reflections
Moses Mohan

Thanks for sharing the Co-Active Coaching Model.

In the past, I made decisions based on my managers view that certain people were forever limited by a lack of the things that make people “great.” From a results-perspective, I get it — those people couldn’t deliver to standard. Typical performance reviews and training didn’t have significant results. Eventually I had “no choice” but to fire them. :(

Thankfully, I’ve since been exposed to other perspectives of leadership and people development one that celebrates the wholeness of a person and builds on top.

I realize that an important element in self-management is having a positive image of humanity and carrying that through to the particular people one interacts with. Without it, how can one trust that people will make wise decisions.

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