It is time for our large institutions to act more human — and particularly HSBC…
Patrick Andrews

Thanks for sharing this Patrick Andrews.

  1. Edgeryders sounds awesome. I’m reading up on it. So far it looks like something aligned to the concept of ‘collective entrepreneurship.’
  2. I’ve been reflecting on the oppressive hegemony of large businesses — where businesses effectively say “This is what we do, toe the line or go find someone else to serve you.” A customer of a large business is at the mercy of the business. There’s this belief that the business knows best (and customers don’t know what they want). See here and here. It’s the same w/ employees and even partners — take it or leave it. Even ‘collaboration’ typically ends up in negotiation where it’s all or nothing. I wonder, what would it take to get rid of this idea that boils everything down to ‘business.’
  3. I’ve observed that people when joining an institution eventually end up identifying more with the institution that themselves — going so far as to take the firm’s competition as enemies as their own. This is partly due to internal propaganda but I also wonder if it’s also because the ‘work of being oneself’ requires so much more. It’s ‘easier’ for us to cede control and accountability.
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