Learning Guitar is not easy and selecting the right method to learn it is even more challenging. If you plan to learn Guitar, you have a good number of resources available. You can choose from books, online and offline courses, video lessons or you can learn from an experienced teacher! But finding the best learning method could be as challenging as playing Guitar itself. This is especially true for new students who feel completely lost when exposed to a large number of Guitar learning resources.

Finding the best method to learn Guitar depends on several factors and there is no “One method fits all” solution. Since each individual is unique, you must select a method best suited to your needs and background.

Before you invest your time and money on a Guitar course, you must evaluate your situation based on the following criteria:

1) What is your motive to learn Guitar? If you want to play Guitar as a hobby, you can pursue any learning method but if you want to go pro and play in a band, you need exposure to as many learning resources as possible.

2) Do you have any previous exposure to music theory or playing another musical instrument? If you do, you can pursue Guitar lessons on your own as you are already familiar with music concepts. However, if you are completely new to music, it is highly recommended that you take help of a professional who can guide you till you are comfortable playing Guitar on your own.

3) Are you a fast learner? If you got a good ear, you can pick concepts easily and make good progress in short amount of time. But if you are a slow learner, you would need more time and help to master the lessons.

4) What is your best learning style? Can you grasp concepts easily just be reading/listening or do you need access to extensive audio and video training material?

5) How much money are you willing to invest on good lessons, books, courses etc? If you are a complete beginner, you need good reference books and a teacher to get started and all this costs money.

6) How much time can you devote to practice? Most teachers require you to devote few hours every week to practice the lessons that you learn. If you are hard pressed for time, you can invest in a home study course that lets you learn Guitar at your own pace instead of hiring a teacher.

7) Do you want to learn any specific style such as Blues, Classical or Jazz? Depending on your preferences, you would need specific resources to learn a particular style of guitar.


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