The dark side of communication

People used to be able to send the message they wanted with a good PR campaign. But now with social media it’s impossible to hide things and to control the message you want to send. Unfortunately for the french government, 3 of their last communications turned into big FAIL.

  1. French president Holland invited himself to the appartment of Lucette an old retired lady

It turned out that this picture was fully orchestered : the communication team selected the lady, cleaned the appartment, brought flowers and coffee, told her what she could say… #Lucette became a trending topic and everyone made fun of this.

2. French ministry of Health Marisol Touraine just annonced that gay people will have the right to give blood in France (since 1983, gay people can’t donate their blood)…. but they can do it only if they didn’t have any sexual relationship in the last 13 months…. #dondusang also became a trending topic, and this article on L’Obs (in french) gives the best reactions on twitter.

3. French justice minister Christiane Taubira, strongly communicated on the fact that she uses her bike to move across Paris…. and all media showed her arriving on her bike at the Elysées, the French “white house”.

But some pictures also showed that while she was on her bike with a helmet, behind her there were two other bikes with bodygards, a motorcycle and two cars…. not very ecological… but highly demagogic…

My advice is to stop the Bullshit and be natural in the communication. The companies also need to be carefull with their communication and the messages they send. airbnb also failed in San Francisco with its bus kiosk ads :

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