this is what happened next.

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It happened on a cold, dry evening, in a London coffee shop where coffee and cookie flavours meet with science and art, where creativity encounters productivity. Sitting by the fire, I was reading the news with a freshly brewed coffee. Surrounded by entrepreneurs hustling on their most endearing projects.
While my mind wondered I decided to read Forbe’s innovation rubric on AI and Big Data.

In case you didn’t know. Forbes is a New Jersey based American business magazine, most famous for its lists and rankings such as the Forbes 400: the richest Americans, or…

There’s another Uber-like app in town and they are yet to figure it all out

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ViaVan — The New Challenger to Uber

There is no doubt that Uber has become one of the technology success stories of the last few years. The mobile app has established itself as a multi-billion dollar company and a household name, and completely changed the way that we think about hailing a taxi.

But now there’s a new cab on the rank…

Launched in April this year in the UK, ViaVan is a new challenger to the highly successful Uber in London. Partnering with Mercedes-Benz, the new upstart provides private rides, but…

Vincent S. Guittet

Founder @ | Ex growth in Fortune 500 & UK Tech Track 100

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