Gujarat Tour Packages | A Potpourri of Rich Heritage, Culture and Spirituality

The state Gujarat is also known as collection of Jewel. Gujarat is a most visit-able state of India which is situated in western part of India. One of the colourful state in India owing to its charming landscape site, spiritual or religious temples, rich architectural culture and heritage, various wildlife, nationals parks, natural sanctuaries and also long stretch of coastal area. It medieval memories, history, culture, monuments, fairs, festivals, architectural feats, valued and revered holy place Gujarat Four Wheel Drive offers tour package at cheap prices for everyone to make your holiday unforgettable and memorable or also more delightful. Traveller from all over the whole world came for visit Gujarat state because of its alluring and charming beauty with vibrant cultures. People of Gujarat welcome its “Atithi” means guests with truthful enthusiasm with heart. Mentioned here several of the most important features of Gujarat tour packages.

Rich Heritage and Culture and Spirituality
This western state of India is studded with most likely and wonderful inheritance, heritage, history, landmarks, forts, cultural places which are well design of best architectural brilliance and magnificence. “Gandihinagar” is the capital of Gujarat state and it counted as one of the big city of Gujarat. Ever, the Gujarat state has been one of the significant focuses of “Indus Valley Human progress”. The capital city of Gujarat, Gandhi Nagar is city of Gujarat was established in the year 1960. This city is most well known just for its brilliant royal residences, magnificent palaces, gateways, religious and pilgrimage spots, intricately temples, mosques and magnificent havelis. It is not amazing that “UNESCO” has included Gujarat as a world’s beautiful inheritance destinations list. Some eye-catching things in Gujarat including Swami Narayan Mandir, Hathee Singh Sanctuary, Gandhi Ashram, Jama Masjid, Akshardham Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple and so on. Spiritual tourism in Gujarat has become the most visited by tourist. Tours and tourism packages in offers by Gujarat Four Wheel Drive to explore the important spots of Gujarat. The most important, valued religious and pilgrimage spot in Gujarat. The Dwarka is most popular “Char Dhams” attraction of India is a valued place for Hindus pilgrim because of its relation with “Lord Sri Krishna”.

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