I have to say that #3 is not really an advice.

It isn’t. Yes, the headline is dissuading, but the article itself just gives reason to that dissuasion perfectly.

Of course, being heartbroken to be able to gym is not a solution for a healthy lifestyle. But what comes through from the expression is that going to the gym, or working out, or physically exhausting yourself is often a sign of mental hurt. Or just simply intensified observation. Which in my case held true for some days. I was thinking of an idea, i was in a phase where my mind was constantly at work. And though i have never been the kind who would gym or run for good health, but only played sports because of the idea of playing and having fun, i was surprised at how i had started running to Get Miles by Gomez.

Just silently looking up and running without a smile. Neutralised, completely.
I was in a state of warp. That wasn’t who i was when i ran.

But it happened.

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