The Ghost-2

[Note: — Wrote this story in 2007. I was amateur writer then. Apologies if it’s not entertaining now :) ]

Siva & I are very good pals. We did many adventures chasing crowded buses, cricket balls, & last but not the least beautiful gals

Never in our life expected that we’d in any case will meet any circumstances which’d panic our lives.

Not too many years ago we went to an Orissa Dhaba near our College, we had Chiken Mughalai followed by few rotis and Chicken 65. Having filled our bellies to their fullest, we decided to depart to our hostel.

On our way back we saw the poster of “Tagore” The Mega Star Chiru’s all time Ultimate movie. Instantly we looked at each other, our eyes nodded, our foot started back to the theatre.

Our college is located in such a remote place that it is hard to find an auto after 10pm. With no bicycles, we walked 4kms to reach the theatre.

It was our 20th time to my knowledge that we together were watching this movie. We enjoyed it to the fullest. We were on our feet during the songs.

It was almost 12:30pm when the curtains fell. We sank too much into the movie and were discussing about the greatness of CHIRU that we didn’t observe crossing the Cut road (aka cheel road). We were at the opposite side of our destination, and kept walking and walking. Perhaps destiny had other plans for us.

As soon as we realised that we took the wrong route, we discussed whether to go back to the Cut road or take the shortcut through the farms. We convinced each other that the walk through the farms would take us to our hostel faster — faster or longer?

In the cloudy and gloomy night we managed to check the time on our watch that its 2:30am. “Oh my God! We walked for 2 hours. Had we walked back to the Cut road, we would have reached the hostel”. Well we tried to locate where exactly we were, we couldn’t. “God are we going to make it tonight” shouted my friend.

I was sure that if we kept searching we’d get into wrong direction tired and sleepy. So I thought of avoiding it. We wanted a place where we could sit and spend the rest of the night in any farm or under any tree.

No trace of anybody out there. We shouted for help. “Is anyone there? We lost the track. Is anyone there?” Siva got tired of shouting and fell on my shoulders. we stood still for few minutes. I thought he was sleeping over me. I was in no mood to disturb him.

He slowly rose over my shoulder. His face was mixed with reactions. I observed a sort of relief in his eyes. He suddenly shouted “I see a light moving there. Probably a torch or a lantern.”

“What so ever it may be, we have to stop him and ask for help. Its our only hope.”

We both started running towards it shouting “Hey, hello, help us, we lost our way.” for a moment the Light stopped moving, we were happy and started running even faster. We estimated that it would be no farther than a Kilometer from us. Once we approached near to it, its started moving away from us.

We took out every drop of energy from us running and shouting. The light didn’t stop. We thought the person whom we were approaching has panicked on hearing our voices from the dark and he was running.

I was running very hard that I even forgot observing my friend, Siva. I ran and ran. Had I ran with the same pace in University competitions I’d have won the gold medal.

All of a sudden the light vanished, no signs of it.I looked around Shouted loudly for somebody. I looked for my friend, he was no where. 
I was filled with fear, anguish and lost in tears. I cursed myself for leaving him when he really needed me.

I fell down on knees, covering my face with my hands. Everthing I saw was a blurr and damn dark. I thought this would be my end.

At a distance heard a voice calling “MANOJ”. It wasn’t my friends voice but who was it? It was an unexpected jolt to me. I was not sure what to do. If I stay here my friend would find me here, what if he had lost some where? I was too curious to find who called me in that name. Finding courage in me I walked towards the voice carefully. I was heading through few bushes now. “Where the hell am I going to?”

I shouted “Who is that?”. No reply. I shouted harder and began moving slowly. I found something in white few meters from me, moving away. 
I shouted again “Who are you?” No reply.

My mind was racing. What could it be? The thought of GHOST sent chills in my spine. I was perspiring. I sat there for few moments. I made up my mind. Even in 21st century we are unable to break the myth of existence of the Ghost. Let me find out the answer before I die. I raced towards that presumed Ghost with full pace. Nothing would stop me except Death.

With in a knick of a finger it disappeared, I was tired and fell down there breathing heavily. I gave up and prayed to ‘The Almighty’ to see to that my friend Siva is safe. I could imagine how helpless he would be without me. 
A shit on my face would have been better than this situation

I lost hope and was thinking about my next move. At that moment I heard quite a familiar voice shouting “Manoj”, I thought it was a dream, my innerself calling my name in his voice so that I’d feel beter. 
The voice bounced back into my ear again and again which irritated me so badly that I couldn’t help my self from shouting “Stop it”

I heard foot steps heading towards me shouting “Manoj, Manoj”.

“Oh my Go its real. Its Siva” The moment I saw him I ran towards him and hugged him. It was just like years away from each other. It was a real relief for us.

We were shocked to find ourselves in a road which lead us towards our hostel. I was more shocked than surprised. We reached the Hostel at 5am. 
Slept for 7 continous hours and that afternoon we decided to trace this mystery.

We rememberd the way in which we returned. We enquired about anybody moving here and there at 3am early that morning. The biggest shock was that this area was restricted during nights for many centuries and many locals are still afraid of visiting these farms after the dawn.

We thanked God or The friendly Ghost which helped us to trace back our lost way.

No matter what had happened this incident made me and Siva more closer than we had imagined.

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