Prague Playdates Meetup and more

You have a little one who joined your family or joining soon and you don’t know how to find other parents like you, then online communities can come to your rescue. If you are an expat (or an English-speaking) parent in Prague, you can join the following groups I will mention in this post.

Prague Playdates Meetup

I became a mother in June 2019. When I was pregnant I found myself thinking if I can find other parents (or parents-to-be) who I can socialize with as an expat and our babies can play with each other. There were some groups for older babies…

Original name: Oncle Yanco, Director: Agnès Varda

Uncle Yanco

This was like watching a humorous Greek God who enjoys hosting mortal beings and painting celestial cities that he travels with his mythological sailboat. It also felt like witnessing a day of modern-time Zorba living in San Francisco, asking permission for a siesta. The film had the effect of an animated photo album with a focus on the eccentric uncle to whom you can ask questions and get answers.

Original name: Vermelho Russo, Director: Charly Braun


I loved the simplicity of the movie with a hidden depth to it. People behave differently when they are far from their countries and loved ones. Discovering oneself while afar is a dramatic event and sharing this experience with a best friend is something I haven’t thought about it until shown in this film. The portrayal of Russian people was very realistic and shows how people can connect even without sharing a language.

Remote-working can be hard at times but spring/summer season is not one of those times ❤

Working from a friend’s garden, July 2015

I have been working remotely for almost 3 years now (2 years of it mostly in Tallinn) and I learned by experience how important is to find places suitable for work.

Keeping this in mind, whenever I find a good place that fits my simple work-friendly criteria, I make sure that I wrote a tip (mostly on Foursquare) for other digital nomads and share what I liked or disliked about the place.

Surely, everyone has different expectations regarding the places they found suitable for…

My first trip to Prague was in 2015, and I have been living in Prague almost for a year now. Considering the touristic season is already here (it was more than 20 degrees whole week!), I thought I should better create a post answering questions that I get from friends about visiting Prague and share the places I visited for the last 3 years with you all.

Blossoming tree at South Gardens of Prague Castle, April 2018

This post is ideal if you are planning to visit Prague for a short amount of time (more than a day, less than a month) and want to visit the key places of…

Gülçin Yildirim

MSc Computer and Systems Engineering @TallinnTech, Expat in Prague, Organizer @PrahaPostgreSQL, She/Her

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