DigitalOcean has been my favourite cloud platform for long time now, because it is developer-friendly and it offers services with reasonable prices.

Here I want to share about how to setup own Kubernetes (k8s) cluster using digitalocean’s platform, shortly do-k8s!


First and foremost, get yourself a DO account if you don’t have it yet. Then create a do-k8s cluster using do account page, it is easy to use and intuitive.
NB! For pet projects or just development purposes, you can use even 1-node which costs just 10usd!

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When your cluster is ready, browse to do-k8s admin page and download config file into a local folder or working folder. For example, my config file is named petcat-k8s-kubeconfig.yaml and resides under my home folder’s kubeconfigs /home/zeus/kubeconfigs/petcat-k8s-kubeconfig.yaml

I became father in April, we have been rewarded with goddess baby-girl 😊⚡️ All seemed well in the beginning, dealing with usual baby stuff and so on. But after few weeks, she began showing strange symptoms like non-stop crying sessions with no obvious reason. After couple of painful evenings, we have discovered that this is called baby-colic..! :|

Baby’s non-stop crying is hard to bear for parents, and baby cries even with tears flowing down… In every aspect it is a difficult situation both for the baby and for the parents. …

Antik Yunan ve klasik Roma döneminin ölümsüz eserlerini, Ian Johnston’un ve G.Theodoridis’in ustaca hazırladığı İngilizce çevirileri baz alarak Türkçe diline evirip çeviriyoruz.

Can yoldaşım Gulie ve kızım Artemis ile birlikte okudukça daha bir güzelleşiyor bu eserler ve yeniden hayat buluyor anılarımızla. Dilerim, siz de okurken keyif alırsınız.

~ Sevgiyle okuyun, okutun… ~

* * *

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Publius Ovidius Naso (MÖ 20 Mart 43 — MS 17/18), kısaca Ovidius veya Ovid, klasik Roma döneminin en önemli şairlerindendir. …


Yilmaz Guleryuz

Antifragile with #LearnMakeShare philosophy! ⚡️

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