in praise of Farting

Yilmaz Guleryuz
Aug 20 · 2 min read

I became father in April, we have been rewarded with goddess baby-girl 😊⚡️ All seemed well in the beginning, dealing with usual baby stuff and so on. But after few weeks, she began showing strange symptoms like non-stop crying sessions with no obvious reason. After couple of painful evenings, we have discovered that this is called baby-colic..! :|

Baby’s non-stop crying is hard to bear for parents, and baby cries even with tears flowing down… In every aspect it is a difficult situation both for the baby and for the parents. Even though its cause is still unknown, many of its symptoms points to things happening in the stomach, or better to say, not happening in a ordinary manner…

With no apparent reason, I began to think that baby is not able to fart when she needs to do so, and this leads to cramps and pain in the stomach, and crying makes it worse. My opinion is speculative and has no reliable facts other than subjective observations.

NB! ‘baby-colic’ is not a laughing matter, and it is very very hard experience… Nevertheless, satire might help in relieving the pain a bit. Satire always helps :-)

This painful experience reminded me of a funny statement I heard long time ago, so I wrote this to praise the mighty Farting!

Once upon a time, in midst of a cheerful conversation, a friend of mine who was studying medicine said:

“One fart is worth more than forty doctors!” :D

We laughed at it as we did for many other things. Recent events reminded me of that funny statement though, and I realised once again how imperative role farting plays in our lives, particulary in babies’ lives!

Farting is important, period!
Fart for all! Get up stand up, don’t give up the Fart! We will, We will, Fart you! :D

Let’s conclude with this epic scene from Monty Python:

Till next time, happy Farting!

Yilmaz Guleryuz

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