User testing

We live in a time when technology improves our work greatly: some years ago it was unimaginably how to conduct the user test with participants from the US, Canada and India in one day. Now it’s easy!

I would like to share the results from recent test. It was conducted remotely using the tool

5 participants (2 from the US, 2 from Canada, 1 from India) tested the new ‘Create flow’ in iOS performing tasks. They also provided comments during the test.


  • The word ‘Story’ is changed to the ‘Folder’.
  • The default Story ‘User’s story’ is removed. The user should create the ‘Folder’ for the first time he publishes the post.
  • The ‘Sharing panel’ was moved to a new screen, because the users often forgot to choose Sharing’s option.
  • The Navigation bar was added to the ‘Create post’ screen.


All respondents performed the assigned task of publishing post successfully.

2 respondents had a problem with an inactive ‘Done’ button in the ‘Create Story’ screen complaining about veiled required fields in the ‘Create Story’ screen. In order to resolve this issue the screen has been changed and the additional user test was conducted using the ‘Preference’ test.

3 respondents created a new Folder (Story) successfully without any difficulties.

All respondents noticed that the Scenario 2 (create post — choosing folder and share) was more rapid and effective compare to the Scenario 1. According to the results of the test, the new ‘Create flow’ process is recommended to implementation.