Aiman Udas

Singer shot dead by her brothers
Pashto singer Shamim Aiman Udas was murdered on 26 April 2009. According to her husband, she was killed by her own brothers, reported the Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News.

According to a news story in Daily Times, Aiman Udas’ husband, Usman Udas, reported at Paharipura Police Station that the singer’s brothers Alamgir and Ismaeel were not happy with her having singing profession despite their disapproval. They allegedly opened fire on her near Koochi Plaza and killed her. Police registered a case against the two accused.

Her husband later claimed she was killed by her own brothers for breaking the family traditions by marrying for the second time. In her early 30s, she was divorced and had got married for the second time in March 2009.

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