Facebook is not good for students

Because of using Facebook late hours, students can’t arrive college and school on time and because of chatting their writing, spelling and study has been weakened .

The Facebook effect on students is that they are spending too much time for social sites, and much lesser time on socializing in person. In fact, there is a lack of body signals besides other nonverbal cues, including tone and inflection in case of social networking sites. Thus, they cannot be considered as an adequate replacement for any face-to-face communication. Not only this, students who are spending a great deal of time on these social networking sites are not able to communicate in person in an effective manner.

These social media sites have become so popular in such a short time because the information gets published in a fast way. This has actually created a lax attitude for using proper spelling as well as grammar. In fact, the students are unable to write effectively without the aid of the spell check feature of a computer.