Pakistani women

In Pakistan, domestic violence is considered a private matter, as it occurs in the family, and therefore not an appropriate focus for assessment, intervention or policy changes.7Women have to face discrimination and violence on a daily basis due to the cultural and religious norms that Pakistani society embraces.8 According to an estimate, approximately 70 to 90% of Pakistani women are subjected to domestic violence.
According to a survey conducted on 1000 women in Punjab, 35% of the women admitted in the hospitals reported being beaten by their husbands. The survey reported that on an average, at least two women were burned every day in domestic violence incidents and approximately 70 to 90% of women experience spousal abuse .

It is all be done because of women’s destitution. They have no authority to do anything nor is given them share in their parent’s property .

And short of education is given them .So they are weak basically.