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The descendants of West Africans who live in the coastal lowlands and Sea Islands are called Gullah people. Geechee is a term that is given to the Gullah people and their language. Originally the term “Gullah” referred to the distinct language that they spoke. Today, the term Gullah refers to all of the people in the community and the rich culture they celebrate. The isolation of the culture has allowed the Gullah people to retain a culture that is rich in African linguistics. However, they also have absorbed a lot of the cultural heritage from the people living in the surrounding communities. These people speak a language that is predominantly English with African loanwords. Their art, crafts, farming, cuisine, folk songs and stories are influenced by West and Central African cultures. There is no other group of African Americans who have managed to retain their cultural heritage like the Gullah people.

Hilton Head Island is a popular destination because of its fine beaches, restaurants, and tennis and golf amenities. Many people are unaware of the rich history the island possesses. Gullah Tours Hilton Head caters to the needs of the tourists and offers comprehensive knowledge about the traditions and cultures of the Gullah people that inhabit the island. Gullah Tours Hilton Head educates tourists about the culture by teaching stories, history and folk songs. Gullah Tour guides also describe the suffering of the African people and the hardships of living in isolation.

Gullah Tours Hilton Head is unique because the tour guides are Gullah community members who were born and raised on Hilton Head Island. As a result, tour guides are able to provide tourists with authentic historical facts and personal perspectives about the culture and community. Gullah tour guides are an engaging and knowledgeable resource to people who are visiting the island for the first time. Nothing is better than hearing a story from a reliable source. The plight of their people and the rich history that surrounds them is very persona to the tour guides. Tourists also have the opportunity to visit the Gullah Heritage Museum; located on Hilton Head Island. The museum is a non-profit organization and was established in order to preserve the prosperous culture and heritage of the Gullah people.

The Gullah Tours Hilton Head aims to preserve the culture of the Gullah people and share their rich culture with the world. Gullah tours offer tourists souvenirs so that they can remember their experience with the Gullah people and share the rich Gullah history with their relatives and friends.

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