There is pretty much none, as Covid-19 happened. Because of that I started to work at home, without a commute there was no reading time. So since March of 2020 I haven’t finished a single book.

Year 2020

Rama: The Omnibus

(Book 1) Clarke, Arthur C., (Book 2–4) Gentry Lee

Lets split this into two parts. The one part where a book was written by an author and the other part where some wannabe writer tried to build upon that work and utterly failed.

TLDR; The first book is amazing and worth to be read, the others you skip.

5/5 for book 1…

If you want to print out some data to the terminal and have it perfectly align and formatted with double byte characters (aka Chinese, Japanese or Korean) it will pretty much be impossible with the standard format in Python as this goes on the length of the string but not on the actual width of the string.

|Some string 123 other text         |
|Some string 日本語 other text |

Yeah, that is not aligned at all when you shorten it. As it is clearly visible that one character 日 takes two normal character 12.

So how do we fix that…

I just wanted to read some XMP sidecar files, change some data and write that back to the file.

A quick google search brought me to the libxml library (github page) and it looked like exactly what I needed. Sadly lacking documentation made something that should have taken 10 minutes take around 3 hours.

To make everyone elses journey easier I write this simple help file

  • you use Python
  • you want to read XMP sidecar files (not XMP embedded in files)

First: Installing on macOS

pip install works fine. If you have MacPorts you can use the exempi tools from there, no need to…

As every year here is the list of books I have read. I would call this year the “Iain M. Banks Year” because most of the books I read were from this author. I really like the Culture Universe. Some classics in between and some heavy non fiction books make this year a very enjoyable reading experience.

Ernest Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises

What better to start of the year with some really good classic. And The Sun Also Rises is pretty much on top of it. Being my third novel from Hemingway, I enjoyed this a lot. The prose…

Finally, I can feel I am part of the exclusive club of utter cunts who got banned from twitter for being just 150% too cunty

Update 2:

It all ends well, with Twitter apologising that they made an error in banning me for 6 more days.

Back to normal


It seems twitter for whatever reason sees me as a crime target and now banned me for 6 days. What a bummer

Two great opposites right there

This years books have a strange mixture in it. Some really short ones like “Neverwhere” and one really long one like Infinite Jest.

There was no really bad book this year where I totally regretted reading it, but the “Kingkiller Chronicle” is very close to disappointment. Only worse was “The Magicians”.

On the other hand the last book of the “Three Body” problem was exceptional good.

The big positive surprise this year was the “Culture” series from Iain M. Banks. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of them in the coming years.

Kim Stanley Robinson: Aurora


XF18/f2 R, 1/125 @f4 ISO 2500

Cameras are tools to create photos. Nothing more. At least that was true in the days of film where a body did mostly nothing more than holding film flat and you put a good lens in front of it and you were good to go.

But times change and change fast. Within a view years we have seen the rise of smartphones and therefore the death of the small point and shoot camera. …

From short to long. Everything was in there

Another year closes and another year with a lot of interesting books. Overall it felt better than last year where I read some real big duds.

This time I also read some really interesting books from authors that I would normally never read. My first non western sci-fi novel with the “Three Body” Series from Liu Cixin. Amazing read. I also stumbled on one of my top books this year “The City & The City” by China Miléville. A really surprising book. Not to forget “Proxima” and “American Gods” as some top highlights this year.

But there were some lows…

View from the Belvedere, f/5.6 @ 1/680, ISO200

Trying the light weight on a week long trip back home.

My go to travel camera is the Canon 5D MkII with the EF 35/f1.4L. This combination has served me well over quite some time and always created great images. But quality comes at a price, weight. And on my last longer trip to Taiwan I felt that I didn’t want to lug around such heavy equipment anymore. Great results or not.

I also own a X100s (and previous X100), which is my day to day camera. I carry it with me all the time and on most outings on…

No paper books were read in 2014. Everything was digital.

2014 is coming to an end pretty soon, so it is time again for the year “Books I have read” list. This year was a bit of a bummer and is currently averaging out out to 3.6pt out of 5pt compared to the 4.1pts last year. Some duds I read, some really big duds.

On the positives side I read some really great books, like “Wind, Sand and Stars” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein, “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, “Dispatches” by Michael Herr and my Top Book this year “Siddhartha” by Hermann…


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