It was another strange year. Another year without much reading. Going anywhere. Doing much of anything. But here are my 12 favorite photos from this year.

Finally, I can feel I am part of the exclusive club of utter cunts who got banned from twitter for being just 150% too cunty

Update 2:

It all ends well, with Twitter apologising that they made an error in banning me for 6 more days.

Back to normal


It seems twitter for whatever reason sees me as a crime target and now banned me for 6 days. What a bummer

Two great opposites right there

This years books have a strange mixture in it. Some really short ones like “Neverwhere” and one really long one like Infinite Jest.

There was no really bad book this year where I totally regretted reading it, but the “Kingkiller Chronicle” is very close to disappointment. …

View from the Belvedere, f/5.6 @ 1/680, ISO200

Trying the light weight on a week long trip back home.

My go to travel camera is the Canon 5D MkII with the EF 35/f1.4L. This combination has served me well over quite some time and always created great images. But quality comes at a price, weight. And on my…


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