Apps which you would want to know about

There are many apps we are using daily or getting to know about many apps each and every day by various media outlets. There will be your instant favorites like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Here in this article I would want to share you a few more apps that you’ll find so useful and efficient. And of course, those apps will find a place in your must have apps list later.


Snaptube is basically a YouTube video downloader, which offers even more options to download videos from sites like daily motion and Instagram. You cannot find YouTube video downloader apps in play store due to Google policies. Just type in your browser and you can download this app. It easily recognizes all the YouTube links and can download the video in different video qualities ranging from 140p to 720p HD. The same applies for videos from daily motion and Instagram too. It also has a page for us users to suggest video sites that you would want to get added to the app. The developers are also very helpful and hearing the users through their Facebook page.


Appygeek is a news app which gives you all the technology based news in a gorgeous interface. Appygeek has a well organized library of technology based news editions from around the world. They are also updating it regularly. I found that ‘appygeek’ has wide range of android based articles than the well known ‘Drippler’. Touching the my profile view button at the top right corner of the screen makes it even more efficient to read the news by easily selecting our preferred topics. You can also save articles to read offline and you can add your own websites for appygeek to fetch all the articles and blogs from those websites.

3. Pocket

In my opinion, Pocket is the best ever productivity app in Android. Almost all of the internet users are primarily using it to read blogs or articles or to watch videos. You cannot say you’ll always be free to read each and every article in a website. In those cases, Pocket comes handy. Just click the share button from your browser and click add to pocket to add the respective blog or video to your Pocket account. It will fetch those blogs or videos to make it easier for you to read it later. I mean, you can view those videos or read those blogs, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

4. Unclouded

Unclouded is a file manger with difference. Firstly, Unclouded will not manage your files in your phone instead, it manages your cloud accounts and files you’ve suited in your cloud accounts. It supports many cloud accounts like, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and many others. It gives you a overview of space you’ve consumed in your cloud and typed of files you’ve stored. It also categorises all the files in your cloud. Images, Videos, Apk all the kinds of files will be categorised neatly. It also shows you the date you last modified your cloud files and also helps you in finding out the duplicates in your cloud and helps to delete them.

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