GOO VOLUME 2: Gods unlock order tips and ideas.

Gods of Olympus developer team has done really well in starting the android beta program for the game and also to release certain bug fixes in the mean time. I was bit busy with my profession so I wasn't able to come up with second blog for Gods Of Olympus for quite some time.

Anyway, now I'm back to normal life and now I feel it's the best time for second plugin. In this volume of my Gods Of Olympus series, I'm going to give some ideas about Gods unlock order. Still lot of players are installing the game and the whole of android community is waiting to join up except the beta players. So, this plugin for Gods unlock order is better late than never.

The special abilities of gods and also the newly announced alliance powers for every gods should be the primary factor for the unlocking order. The health, damage per second should be the secondary factors. First of all, Zeus will be the default God for us.

I would always suggest unlocking Ares as your second god. There are no second thoughts about it. The special abilities of Ares like Whirlwind, Battle charge and Blood dust are second to none. Whirlwind is one of the most effective weapon against horde of enemy troops. While the battle charge is for group of enemy buildings. I feel Ares is so special because he's the only God who can be effective against both troops and buildings.

After Zeus and Ares, I cannot suggest you a perfect third god. But I would strongly suggest you to choose between Artemis and Athena. Why am I putting Artemis and Athena ahead of others? It's only because of their special abilities. And, between Artemis and Athena you should choose the one who suits your attack style. If you're good at burst attacks you should go ahead with Artemis and if you're good at slow pushes, it must be Athena.

Actually, the stage at which you unlock your third god things will be getting harder. Your attacks will have to be well planned and more organized. If you're good at fast paced attacks, Artemis can be good with her powerful long range shots. And, if you're good at slow pushes, Athena will be very handy with her ability to spawn hoplites. So your fourth god should be the remaining one of these two. Because both of them are offering huge value to your attacks and have exceptional alliance assist powers.

And things will be getting even more harder when you unlock your fifth god. To control the huge horde of enemy troops, Aphrodite will come in really handy with her charming abilities. Beyond fifth god, I will prefer Apollo and then Hades.

I put up these suggestions purely based on my own experience in playing the game. But beyond this, you can really try things out and if you find more better combinations I will be more happy to hear from you.

Now that the new version 1.5 sneak peeks are out with more assist options,The Olympian challenge( packs a whole lot of excitement), new skins, balance changes for the gods and bug fixes, I can't just wait to try out them. In my next volume of Gods Of Olympus series, after the update is out I will explain everything about the new update. Developers team has set the target on September 1 for the new update if everything works fine. So let us rally our gods for now.

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