You code, you act and now you paint?

May 2, 2017 · 2 min read

I have been getting this kind of reaction a lot lately. It’s interesting because with our oversharing society we get this faulty sense of thinking that we know someone. When in reality we know very little about someone’s else life.

In the beginning of this year I started sharing pictures on Instagram of my artwork. While me painting is nothing new to my family — my sister’s house is a mini gallery of my oil paintings. This was news to the majority of people in my social network. Granted, there were long periods of time when I didn’t paint at all, that was mostly due to me going through some hard times. Switching careers from finance to software engineering was not an easy task. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting was even a harder challenge. But, about a year and half ago I finally got to a place where I was happy with myself and with my life and in turn that made me want to paint again.

I don’t work on commission, at least not yet. I create what inspires me at that moment. It’s a luxury for artists to be able to create what they want and right now I have that luxury thanks to my day job of writing code.

I have been painting with oils for about ten years now, and while I love that medium I wanted to play with something different. I haven’t touched watercolors since middle school and in the beginning of this year I started using them primarily for my artwork.

I focus on creating cute and kind characters. I want my paintings to invoke smiles and watercolors are the perfect medium for this. Painting for me is an outlet. It’s therapeutic. It makes me happy and it helps me to mentally handle the hardship of making it as an actress in Hollywood.

Since, I started posting pictures of my art, people started asking me if I sell it. So, after being asked a lot about it, I decided to finally open an Etsy Shop this April. I was amazed when people bought my prints and I am happy that now I can physically share my work with the world.

I don’t know where it will take me. I don’t have specific plans for my art. All I want is to paint and share it. My acting career and filmmaking is still a priority. We are currently in post production of a pilot I co-wrote and directed. I will write about it soon as well. It was a roller coaster in itself.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my art and I hope it makes your day a little bit better.


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