Grant Gulovsen 高伟明
Jun 17 · 1 min read

And let’s not forget the longer term outlook whence through increases in autonomous machines and AI/ML coupled with calls for “disintermediation” the number of jobs available for humans will disappear at an ever-increasing rate. Although that’s really a separate discussion (and probably even more depressing)…

Back to your question, unless there’s a Teddy Roosevelt waiting in the wings with the courage (and financial resources) to mount a trust-busting campaign against Big Tech (which would be pretty kickass by the way) I think the only solution has to take its cue from Bitcoin.

Just as Bitcoin created a new paradigm for value transfer that did not rely on the existing financial system to function, a similar protocol for data needs to be created. But it must be as or more decentralized than Bitcoin and also designed in such a way that it cannot be manipulated the same way that Tether has turned Bitcoin into a Ponzi scheme.

These are just preliminary ideas, with help from chris@slyce, Roxana Nasoi, Josh Smith and Twitter inspiration from Ragnar Lifthrasir, MSRED 🏴.

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